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Tiwanaku is the main archaeological site of Bolivia and lies 71 kilometers from La Paz city. Within, its surface of 30 hectares lies the remains of the temples of the Tiwanalu culture.  Among the pre-Columbian villages, the millennial Tiwanaku is, without doubt, the one that has plenty of secrets regarding its origin and mysterious final. From La Paz, our first stop is at the small village of Laja (3.843 m.a.s.l.), place in which the city of La Paz was founded in 1.548.

Amongst these area, the temple of Kalasasaya (126 by 117 meters) Considered to be a solar temple, apparently this temple’s purpose was to indicate the chance of seasons, inside it is possible to see some monoliths representations such as: El Fraile, Ponce and the well-known PUERTA DEL SOL, carved in a single block of granite stone 3 meters high and 4 meters wide, with an approximate weight of 10 tons.
PUMA PUNKU - It means Gate of the Puma, KANTATAITA - This is a kind of stone model, architecturally carved in a single block of stone of 15 tons, AKAPANA - This is a pyramid-shaped construction of seven stepped terraces. Most temples where astronomically oriented toward the four cardinal points.
SEMI-SUBTERRANEAN TEMPLE is adorned with transfixed limestone sculptures, representing human bean heads worked in calcareous stone. Inside of the temple you one can observe the Kontiki monolith.

TIWANAKU´S REGIONAL MUSEUM - In this local museum are exhibited some of the most important collections from the area. Among them are beautiful ceramics, lithic and metallic pieces, and artifacts made of bones.

The Organized Service Includes

  • Round trip private transport.
  • Professional Cultural bilingual guide.
  • The entrance fees to the Museums.
  • Communications by handies and mobile phone during the excursion.
  • General Assistance.

Not included:

  • Personal equipment.
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Any expense due to a rescue operation (rescuers fee, transportation, or medical cost).
  • Bottle of Waters and Spirit drinks
  • Tips.
If you wish to discuss any aspect of the expedition or your suitability for it, please contact us by telephone or mail.

Duration: 4 Hours
Season: January - December
Contact: info@highexpeditionsbolivia.com
Phone: 591-2-2461902
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