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We provide the most experienced and dedicated guides available in Bolivia, high altitude porters, experienced cooks and safe drivers for all of our trips. Bolivian mountain guides are Internationally Certified Guides IFMGA/UIAGM, representing the highest standard of training for professional mountain guides. They are proficient in technical rescue and evacuation skills. Guides were born over 4.000 m so they have a natural adaptation to the altitude. They climb mountains not just for job; they love the mountains. We highly consider that the guides are the most important reasons of a successful trip.


International Mountain Guide UIAGM: Lic. AYAH-032 He has a great mountaineering experience of more than 10 years of climbing in the Andes Royal Range. Such experience allowed him to lead challenging routes and expeditions with much success. He has attended important courses, such as: Mountain Guides Evaluation by ENSA (Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme).He participate in many evacuations. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Aymara.  He is friendly, smart and very patient.
International Mountain Guide UIAGM: Lic. CONS-021 He is a Rocky Mountaineer and experienced high altitude mountain guide. He has climbed in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Europe. His love for the mountains gave him the desire to work as a mountain guide. Sergio is easy going and always ready to give a hand. He is patient and friendly, the perfect rope partner in any mountaineering trips. He speaks Spanish and Aymara.
International Mountain Guide UIAGM: Lic. SOLN-033. He has been in the Cordillera Real and He has been in dangerous ascents such as Cabeza de Condor in the Condoriri Massif, the French Route in Huayna Potosi. Also in the Cordillera Occidental, the Sajama Volcano in completely dangerous seasons. He had been instructed by ENSA France School CHAMONIX. 2002. He´s point up is to be very patient with clients when He ascents different mountains.  He speaks basic English, fluent Spanish and Aymara.
International Mountain Guide UIAGM: Lic. VARF - 016 He started guiding since 1.986. Felix has a great mountaineering experience in the Andes Royal Range (Cordillera Real de los Andes).
Such experience allowed him to lead challenging routes and expeditions with much success. Mountaineering in Bolivia:
Ancohuma (6.427 m.a.s.l.), Huayna Potosi(6.088 m.a.s.l.), Condoriri(5.600 m.a.s.l.),Illimani(6.462m.a.s.l.),Sajama(6.542m.a.s.l.),Parinacota (6.330 m.a.s.l.) and others. In other countries: Ojos del Salado (6.867 m.a.s.l.) (Chile), Alpamayo (5.947m.a.s.l.), Huascaran (6.768 m.a.s.l.), Chacraraju (6.112 m.a.s.l.), Quitaraju (6.046 m.a.s.l.) (Peru), Cotopaxi 5.897 m. and Chimborazo (6.310 m.), (Ecuador), Aconcagua (6.962 m.) (Argentina). He is friendly and very patient.
International Mountain Guide UIAGM: Lic. GUAE: 011 He is one of the most experienced professional and one of the pioneers of mountain guides in Bolivia. He began as an assistant guide of a German alpine club mountain guide DAV. Through out the years He became one of the best Bolivian mountain guides, He doesn't have any physical problems to ascent any mountain in the world such as Ojos del Salado volcano (6.867 m.a.s.l.) in Chile more than 4 times in a year. ACONCAGUA (6.962 m.a.s.l.) in ARGENTINA more than 2 times in a year. He speaks Spanish and Aymara.
International Mountain Guide UIAGM: Lic. TARR-033.  He thinks that climbing mountains is a very difficult challenge, but when you do it it's a super experience and a successful gain. He loves the challenge and the risk of the high altitudes, as much on ice or rock. Climbing means for him a total concentration, technical knowledge above all. He considers that take care of the client is one of the most important things during an ascent as much as reach the summit. It is hard but is a full adrenaline experience. He is curious, very kind, charismatic and friendly. He speaks fluent English.  
AGMTBASPI-YUPL-021. Lucio began to climb very young. He realized successful ascents on many different mountains. He never minds about the weather or difficulties. He is always ready to climb the next mountain. Cabeza de Cóndor (5.370 m.a.s.l.), French Route (6.020 m.a.s.l.), Technical Route, Pequeño Alpamayo. (5.300 m.a.s.l.), Illampu (6.368 m.a.s.l.) He is well prepared to ascend any mountain in the Royal Range, to demonstrate impetus in front of any challenge. He loves adventure and risk and never forgets his optimism. He speaks Spanish and Aymara.
AGMTB ASPI-GONE-023.: He has an outstanding reputation as a leader and guide; he has summated the highest mountain on each range in Bolivia and has guided well over thirty climbs on Sajama 6.542m. Along with numerous highly successful guided expeditions to the highest peaks in Bolivia, Elio climb in Aconcagua His determined manner is always an inspiration on summit day. He participates in many evacuations. He speaks Spanish, Aymara and Basic English.
AGMTB ASPI-CHOQH-015:  He has amassed hundreds of ascents, he holds the record of multiple guided ascents of Illimani 6.462 m, and he has an outstanding reputation for leading safe and successful trips. Some of his personal highlights include: Multiple guided trips to Illampu which is considered to be the hardest mountain in the Cordillera Real, Illimani's south face and some first ascents in the Andes. Hilarion was raised in the Andes and has been a mountain guide for fourteen years. He speaks Spanish and Basic English. 
Most of our support staff is people who live in the high Andean villages surrounded by mountains or volcanoes. They are friendly and understand if you need their help.  They will take care of cooking, setting tents, packing luggage on mules, donkeys, llamas. . If you have a chance to learn some basic Spanish words and expressions, communication with them will give you much fun.

HIGH EARTH ADVENTURE TRAVEL always uses private vehicle transport where you can make a stop every time, as you see something worth to make a picture or when you just need a technical break. The service is from / to hotel or where ever you are. Nevertheless, public transport in the Andes forms part of its daily life, and could be interesting to try it as part of local experience... unless you carry an 80-liter rucksack full of mountain gear..
In addition, we provide any other assistance you may require before, during or after your trip. Shall you need help in booking hotels, 4WD transport, extra guides, trip extensions, flight tickets, assistance in planning and organizing your trip, information or just an advice – please feel free to contact us! All the services are personalized.
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