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This trek offers you the wild Andean landscape and crosses high passes at 5.000 m. into the remotest part of the range, with only condors on the trek. We enjoy several lovely lakeside camps, great diversity in fauna and flora, archaeological places and pre-Colombian roads. Traveling through the land of the famous Andean witch doctors; the Kallawayas, famous herb and healer doctors. To the north of lake Titikaka, straddling the border between Bolivia and Peru, the rarely - visited Apolobamba range offers unforgettable exploration. The word Apolobamba (originally spelled Apullupampa) comes from the words Apu=Gods in the Indian religion and Pampa=flat land, literally meaning the flat lands where the mountain gods live.

The Kallawaya will be our pack animal suppliers during entire journey. This trek is for people with plenty of time and a lot of determination, the path is incredible beautiful , with its glacier covered mountain hanging valleys with meanderings rivers .It is a wild and remote area where there are few villages.

Day 01: La Paz city – Pelechuco (3.540 m.): Early in the morning, journey by 4x4 (4WD) vehicle transport from La Paz to the village of Pelechuco passing by Ulla Ulla Natural Reserve to appreciate herds of vicuñas and panoramic view of Apolobamba mountain range. (10 hours driving). Pelechuco, a small and beautiful village founded by the Jesuit missionaries, displaying its colonial style houses.In this area many different cultures have walked hundreds of mile (Kallawaya, Incas, and Aymaras) to find their nourishment; just like the Spanish did during the conquest. Night camping.

Day 02: Pelechuco – Hilo Hilo (3 540 m – up to 4.900m.): After breakfast we start the trek by an antique Inka path, around the way we will find the high pass of Keansani (4.900 m.) The area is full of small lagoons and swamps, where ducks huddle together to keep warm. The landscape displays some human presence with a few straw covered houses scattered across the slopes. At this point misty weather is common presenting an ethereal atmosphere. Little by little we discover the small community of Hilo Hilo where we can set up camp after a long day. Trekking for 6 hours.

Day 03: Hilo Hilo – Sunchuli (Up to 5.100 m.): Today we will cross the small town of Hilo Hilo and Piedra Grande. The landscape displays some human presence with a few straw covered houses scattered across the slopes. At this point misty weather is common presenting an ethereal atmosphere. We reach the pass of Sunchulli at 5100m where we more and more can feel the presence and magnetism of the mountains. From the pass we descend once again, we observe the Liduni lagoon reflecting the backside of the “Machu Sunchully”, “Huayna Sunchulli” and Cuchillo mountains in its crystal clear waters. Camping night at 4.710 m. trekking for 6 hours.

Day 04: Sunchuli – Inca Cancha (4.710 m. - 4.200 m.): Trekking to Inca Cancha (4.700 m.).  The landscape transforms beautifully with the presence of llamas and alpacas that approach us curiously. We croos th Quellwaqota lagoon and high pass of Viscachani (4.570 m.) and descend the Mil curvas,  we will also see an old abandoned mine where people in the past worked long hours excavating the riches from within. Enjoying the fresh and unpolluted air we continue our descent until we find a good place to set up our tents. Trekking 7 hours.

Day 05: Inca Cancha – Jatun Pampa (4.558 m. - 4.200 m.): After breakfast, we start our ascend to the high pass of Muro Qarqa (4.558m.).  We will be able to enjoy the excellent views of the mountain range with its snowy peaks, which includes Mt. Akhamani (5.700 m.), the guardian god of the Kallawaya. This mystical mountain receives an abundance of offerings from the indigenous people. This is due to the fact that the Kallawaya consider it the most powerful, sacred and imposing mountain of them all. We will have the opportunity to observe the local fauna such as eagles, foxes and viscachas. From the apacheta we start hiking down hill until arriving to the Jatun Pampa valley (4.200 m.).Trekking for 3 hours to reach Curva town (3.780 m.). Night in a local accommodation, (Lagunillas).

Day 06: Curva – Charazani – La Paz (3.700 m.): After breakfast, we departure from the millenarian village of Curva (3.700 m.), by transport to La Paz city. It is 280 Km distance. Crossing the border of Lake Titicaca (3.820 m.a.s.l.) and Huatajata town.  We will be able to enjoy the excellent views of the mountain range with its snowy peaks. Arrival to your hotel in La Paz city and end of our services.

The Organized Service Includes

  • Exclusive round trip transport.
  • Professional English speaking or local guide during the trekking.
  • Full board pension during the trek. (Lunch, dinner and breakfast).
  • Camping equipment (bi-personal tents).
  • Dining and kitchen tent, tables and chairs.
  • Cook/ cooking equipment.
  • Mules & Llamas to carry most of the equipment.
  • National Park entrance fees.
  • Comunications by handies and mobile phone during the trek.
  • General Assistance.
Not included:
  • Personal camping equipment: sleeping bag, headlamp, mattres and clothing. (All the equipment we have for hire).
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Any expense due to a rescue operation.
  • Bottles of water, spirit drinks.
  • Tips.
If you wish to discuss any aspect of the expedition or your suitability for it, please contact us by telephone or mail.

Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
Season: April – October
Contact: info@highexpeditionsbolivia.com
Phone: 591-2-2461902
Movil.: 591-79530949 / 73030569